3 Signs That Your Engine Mounts Need Replacement

3 Signs That Your Engine Mounts Need Replacement


Motor Mounts! Heard of them? Think of it as suspension for your engine. Just like your wheel suspension, it keeps your engine in place where it needs to be and absorbs any shocks and vibrations. That results in smoother engine performance and ride comfort for the driver and passengers. Pretty much every car you see out driving around on Los Angeles roads today is equipped with engine mounts, however, chances are many of them might be due for servicing. Based on our experience here at FAS in Burbank, motor mounts are an often overlooked maintenance item but they are essential to keep your car's engine running smoothly for many miles to come. Not sure what engine mounts are and if the ones in your car need replacement? Join us as we discuss everything motor mounts and common signs of wear and tear in today's blog!

As mentioned earlier, engine mounts keep your car's engine in check. They act as a cushion between your car's frame and engine. Since internal combustion engines naturally create lots of noise and their many moving components induce vibrations to the rest of the vehicle body, motor mounts are also used for absorbing any of that unwanted energy. That results in less cabin noise and shake while driving the car, making your daily drive on the rough LA roads an overall more comfortable experience. 

Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, most engine mounts are made out of materials such as aluminum and rubber, but some might even be filled with fluids. They last anywhere from 5 to 7 years depending on your car and driving habits. Over the years and thousands of miles, these engine mounts are likely to wear out. Here are three signs that your motor mounts are worn and require replacement:

 Increased Vibrations: 

An internal combustion engine has lots of moving parts and motor mounts are there that absorb vibrations to the car’s chassis. When an engine mount fails, you are likely to experience more noise, vibrations & rattling while starting up and driving your car.

 Impact Noises: 

Badly worn engine mounts often result in clunking or banging noises while driving on the road. The reason is that bad engine mounts allow more movement of the engine into places where it shouldn’t be. Contact with other components in the engine bay can cause noticeable noises that shouldn’t be ignored.

 Visual Wear: 

Depending on the car, metal & rubber components of your engine mounts can be visible in the engine bay. Noticeable wear such as cracks, corrosion, or wraps to your engine mounts is sure to tell that you need to replace them.

Sometimes, signs of wear can be rather subtle, but can still make a huge difference. Take the engine mounts of this BMW 5 Series as an example shown above. The old motor mount on the left has completely collapsed and sits lower than the new one to the right. This half-inch difference might not seem too significant from far away, but taking the structural integrity of the rubber and metal into account, it is certain that these old engine mounts are no longer functioning as intended by the factory. Our ASE-certified technicians are replacing the engine mounts with old BMW parts to restore the amazing ride quality of this 5er.

All in all, our technicians and service advisors at FAS in Burbank recommend inspecting your engine mounts and acting quickly when you notice any of the signs mentioned above. Your engine mounts need to stay in top shape to absorb the vibrations and movements of your engine effectively. Here at Future Auto Service, we offer professional consultations, engine mount inspections, and motor mount service for your car. Get in touch with us today for a quote