Winter Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

It is essential to make sure your car is ready to cruise smoothly on roads during the stubborn winter season. To do this, you'll need to have a maintenance checklist. Read on to discover some of the activities you can include in the checklist.


Check All Fluids

Checking to make sure that your car’s fluids are topped off and in good condition can help prevent breakdowns and vehicle trouble during the holiday season. 


Battery Check

During low temperatures, chemical reactions in the battery slow down when restarting the car. It can, in turn, be hard to ignite your car since the battery needs more current to start the engine. Running a battery load test is important because you can see if it has enough Sulphuric acid and distilled water to enable the car to start during low temperatures. Additionally, check the battery cables and terminals if they have a crack and ensure Sulphuric acid and distilled water is full to the recommended level.


Filling the Wiper Fluid

In the winter seasons, visibility is reduced because of the ice and snowfall. Equipping your car with the adequate wiper fluid is essential because it will protect the windshield from ice, snow, salt, and mud.


Replacing Wiper Blades

You should change your vehicle's wiper blades after six months. It'll ensure your windshield is free from winter sleet. Heavy-duty wiper blades are recommended for efficient work during winter conditions.


Inspection of Tires

It's dangerous to drive a car with worn-out tires with damaged threads, especially during winter when the roads are slippery. If you are likely to drive in an area with high winter snowfall, it's important to change your tires to grip well on the roads.


One way of testing your tires if they have worn treads is by inserting a pen with Lincoln's head pointing downwards, and if no part of Lincoln's head is covered, you should change the tires.


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