Why You Should Service Your Car With A TechNet Professional Shop

Why You Should Service Your Car With A TechNet Professional Shop

Servicing your car is like taking care of your own health. Good nutrition, exercise and check-ups are an important routine that translates to car maintenance and repair. Just like you invest into your own health by shopping for organic foods or visiting a reputable doctor, your car deserves a good treatment as well. That way, your engine will run strong and nothing will get in your way, no matter where the road takes you. In today’s post learn more about what it means to be a reputable TechNet Professional Service Center! We will go through the differences to other independent repair shops and demonstrate the powerful philosophy that TechNet and Future Auto Service stand for.

Not Every Service Center Is The Same.

Mechanic shops are plenty to choose from, but just because you can find them at almost every street corner doesn’t mean they are all the same when it comes to quality control, customer service and professional equipment. Oftentimes, independent shops occupy service advisors and technicians with vastly different educational backgrounds. That can greatly impact their professionalism to perform certain maintenance or repairs on your car. For example, a mechanic might be able to perform a head gasket change on your premium Porsche or BMW for cheap, but how fast, good and reliable? The last thing you want is going back to the same shop just because the work wasn’t done right. Therefore, it’s important to find a service center that you can trust all the way.

Here at Future Auto Service we understand the importance of building trust with our clients through top-quality customer and vehicle service. That kind of dedication and passion towards delivering the perfect car-service experience has earned us the title of a TechNet Professional Automotive Shop. After serving the greater Burbank and Los Angeles area for years and satisfying thousands of customers, it is in our DNA to share the same mission statement and code of ethics as our TechNet partners.

What’s TechNet?

TechNet came to be in 1997 as a supporting structure for independent automotive repair shops in North America. With a community oriented approach, TechNet helps locally owned service centers with technical solutions, training and business resources to foster a positive change in the automotive service industry. Its network of shops has grown to over 12,000 member shops today.

Mission Statement

As a TechNet Professional Automotive Service center, we are committed to providing superior service to our customers and their vehicles. We stand behind everything we do with a Nationwide Warranty, supported by a network of independent repair shops across North America.

Code Of Ethics

As a proud member, Future Auto Service’s philosophy follows the same code of ethics that TechNet established when originally founded:

We operate our business based on sound business principles and uphold high ethical standards and therefore agree to:

  • Ensure our entire staff is qualified, properly equipped and provided ongoing training. • Act with professionalism, honesty, and integrity at all times.
  • Respect our customer’s time and property.
  • Clearly explain all recommended maintenance and repair services.
  • Provide a detailed estimate and obtain authorization prior to service. • Deliver an itemized invoice for all parts and services.
  • Display or provide a copy of parts and service warranty information. • Uphold the highest standards of the automotive repair profession.
  • Strive to be a positive influence in the automotive industry and our community.

A Nationwide Warranty On All Our Work

Our customers enjoy extra peace of mind with our nationwide 24 month warranty on all services performed. That means when leaving our service facility, you aren’t left off by yourself. Wherever the roads take you, our quality service will be by your side with over 12,000 partnered locations that embrace the same high standards as us. Further dependable service is also available through the Road Hazard Tire Protection Plan, a Roadside Assistance Program, and much more.