Why Is My Car Is Blowing A Lot of Exhaust Smoke?

Yes, you should be worried if your car, SUV, or truck is letting out an excessive amount of smoke out its tailpipe. In most cases, it can be an indication that you have a major exhaust leak under the hood. The exhaust smoke is then brought about by burning the displaced fluid with gasoline. 


Typically, you can tell what the nature of the problem is by looking at the color of the smoke. However, you should not take the risks of continuing to drive if your car is blowing excessive amounts of smoke. Please call for a tow to a trusted auto repair shop soon.

Black Exhaust

Black smoke is a popular symptom that indicates the engine is burning too much fuel. In other words, the air and fuel ratio is unbalanced and too rich in fuel. Naturally, this can be very hazardous as leaking fuel can cause fires. You might even see sparks or flames coming out the tailpipe if the problem is severe enough.

Blue Exhaust

Blue exhaust is an indication that the engine is burning leaking oil. And oil can seep into the engine cylinders whenever you have a cracked head gasket. The cylinders are the area of which combustion occurs, and the oil will be burned along with the air and fuel. Continuing to drive with blue exhaust smoke can seriously damage your engine.

White Exhaust

White exhaust smoke is a sign that the engine is burning coolant or antifreeze. You may notice steam coming out from under the hood of your car too. When this happens, please pull over because it means that your engine is severely overheating. Leaky coolant is caused by a cracked head gasket as well.

Clear or Light Exhaust

When the weather is cooler outside, you may see light, wispy “smoke” coming out your tailpipe. You’ll be pleased to know that most of the time, it is simply water condensation. However, if you smell anything coming from your vehicle, please bring your car to Future Auto Service ASAP.


At Future Auto Service, we are always here to help you with all your automotive needs. Please bring your vehicle to our shop for all your exhaust repairs.