When Is It Time To Change My Tires?

You have been driving your car for quite some time now and are wondering about your tire condition. At first sight, they look fine, but how do you know for sure if they are due for a replacement? Well, that’s what we will find out in today’s Future Auto Service Blog post as we will discuss identifying factors and easy ways to find a replacement for your tires.

How to Tell if Your Tire Needs to be Changed:

Besides having a flat or blowout, there are two important factors when checking your tire condition:

·      Tread Depth

·      Manufacturing Age

First, you always want to be aware of the tread depth. To get a better idea of tread depth, let’s first understand what the tread on a tire is actually good for. Essentially, all the grooves, knobs, and patterns are working together to help the car maintain a grip on the road while braking, accelerating, and cornering. Further, it can even impact your fuel economy.

Without any tread on your tire, you might end up losing control of your car in certain weather conditions. Imagine slipping when walking on wet or icy ground, the same thing can happen to your car while driving. For the safety of yourself and others on the road, it’s therefore always a good idea to stay within the recommended tread depth of your tire. Generally, the U.S. Department of Transportation recommends a tire change when tread reaches the limit of 2/32”. But, depending on your car and tire manufacturer, a change might be due sooner than that. You can easily test your tire tread depth at home with the “Penny Test”.

Besides tread, you should also consider the age of your tire. How long have the tires been on your car? Regardless of the number of miles you put on them, rubber can dry and crack over time, causing blowouts or flats more easily. The average timeframe for replacing your tires is every six years. To see how old your tires are, check for a four-digit code on the sidewall of your tires. The first two numbers stand for the week, the second two for the year your tires were produced. For example, a tire with “2319” on the sidewall, means it was produced in the 23rd week of 2019.

What to do When You Have to Replace Your Tires?

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