What to Expect During Your Emissions Inspection

At Future Auto Service, we want to help your vehicle run as cleanly and efficiently as it can. We perform emissions tests to ensure your car complies with local Burbank, CA smog regulations. The annual emissions test for many California drivers is a crucial part of maintenance. We follow very particular and careful procedures to ensure your vehicle is prepared for the test. Your vehicle must pass the smog test to have your vehicle registration renewed. 

Your vehicle’s engine releases a lot of byproducts from combustion. The exhaust system is in charge of transforming these gasses and releasing them into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, if the emissions aren’t regulated by the state of California, our air quality and environment can have harmful effects.

When you bring your vehicle to Future Auto Service for an emissions inspection, one of our technicians will inspect all the critical components of the engine and exhaust system, including the catalytic converter. If you need a muffler replacement or a filter change, we can help with that to ensure your vehicle passes the test. On testing day, your inspector will proceed with measuring the level of pollutants that your car emits, such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and more. 

If you pass the test – congratulations! You are good to have your vehicle’s registration renewed. However, if you fail the smog test, you will be given a full report and explanation of what went wrong and the necessary repairs. There are many reasons why a vehicle may fail its emissions test. It can be caused by a fault in the fuel system, causing too rich of an air-to-fuel mixture. Other problems may include a faulty oxygen sensor or worn spark plugs.

When it comes to smog testing and emissions inspections in Burbank, CA, there’s no better choice than Future Auto Service. We can help you spot minor issues and fix them before they become bigger problems. We’ll have you pass your emissions test with ease!