What Is The Best Type of Windshield Wipers?

Windshield wipers are essential to every car, and they keep you safe. You never know when you may have to drive through unexpected rain, snow, or debris. To keep your line of sight clear, you’re going to need effective wiper blades. 


After several months, you should consider changing out your windshield wiper blades. When you go shopping for wipers, you may notice that they come in various styles, brands, and lengths. You can reference your owner’s manual for the specific lengths from your automaker. However, the brand and type of wipers you pick are up to you. There are three basic types of wiper blades that you should know of:

  • Conventional – Conventional blades are traditional, basic frames. They are straight and have a rubber squeegee side to remove moisture from your windshield. They are the least expensive, and they tend to last around 6 months. 
  • Beam – Beam blades are the most preferable design of wiper blades. They’re typically the most expensive type, but they last longer as they tend to be made of higher-quality materials. They have a curved design, which makes it easier to move and reach more area on your windshield. Plus, they’re better at resisting snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid windshield wiper blades combine the affordability of conventional blades’ frames with the performance of a beam blade. The rubber component is similar to those of beam blades, but they have similar frames to conventional blades.


Whether you pick conventional, beam, or hybrid blades, just know that they all ultimately serve the same purpose: to clear your windshield. If you need help replacing your wiper blades, please do not hesitate to come by Future Auto Service.