What Happens if You Put the Wrong Fuel Grade in Your Car?

Gas prices can always look daunting, but choosing the right type of gas based on your car can save you some money in the long run. Gasoline has multiple grades, generally three: regular, mid-grade, or premium (or sometimes super). Here are some possible things that could happen if you put the wrong fuel in your car.


Premium Fuel in a Vehicle That Doesn't Need It 

Most people assume that higher-octane gas, the most expensive gas, will boost your engine's performance and efficiency. However, it is a myth. Putting a higher octane gas into a car that doesn't require it will neither help nor hurt your vehicle. You are essentially wasting money by doing so. Even though no damage is done to your car, selecting the correct octane gasoline next time you hit the gas station is the best option. You will usually find the minimum octane rating in the owner's manual.


Regular Fuel in a Vehicle That Requires Premium 

Using a lower octane fuel for a premium-required vehicle may sometimes lead to internal damage. In some cases, you may notice rattling noises, decreased fuel economy, and reduced efficiency and performance from your engine. If you accidentally put in a lower octane fuel in your tank, it doesn't hurt to use it up. Just do NOT forget to fill up with premium next time you are at the gas station. If your car requires premium fuel, it will usually be noted near the gas cap. You can refer to the owner's manual as well!


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