What Does the Power Steering System Warning Light Mean?

Virtually every car today has a power steering system. Modern power steering systems are electric. However, there are still many cars with hydraulic power steering systems. There is a warning sign on your dashboard which alerts you to any issues with the steering system. The warning light is often in the shape of a steering wheel. If you see the light, you should get your power steering checked immediately. The power steering system warning light means the following:

Hydraulic Power Steering

If you see the power steering warning light, it may mean that you have a low power steering fluid. Only hydraulic power steering systems will encounter this issue. If you see the light, you should pull over, then check the liquid. If it is low, add it, and the warning light should go off promptly.

However, adding power steering fluid is a temporary solution. If you repeatedly have low-power steering fluid, it means that there is a leak. Take it to a repair shop and get an evaluation. If you do not have a leak, the warning light may signify a deeper issue.

Electric Power Steering

Getting a power steering system warning light with an electric power steering is more complicated than a hydraulic one. Since there is no liquid, it does not mean low liquid levels.

The warning light could mean there is a computer glitch. In some cases, restarting the car might be all you need. Further diagnosis is necessary if the warning light does go off after restarting the vehicle. Therefore, you should take it to a technician for further inspection.

Power steering issues can be serious and require immediate attention from a professional. You will be risking your life driving with the light on. If you need power steering repair, give Future Auto Service a call.