What Are Brake Pads Made Of? Are There Different Ones?

When choosing brake pads for your vehicle, it's important to consider factors such as driving style, vehicle type, and intended use. Different brake pad materials offer varying levels of performance, durability, noise levels, and dust generation. But have you ever wondered what brake pads are made out of and the difference between them? If you have, make sure to continue reading because we will give you a short and simple answer below!

Friction Materials

The primary material used in brake pads is friction material, which directly interacts with the brake rotors to create the necessary stopping force. There are several types of friction materials, including:

  • Organic: Organic brake pads are composed of a mixture of fibers, such as rubber, carbon, and Kevlar, combined with a binding resin. They are known for providing smooth and quiet braking performance. However, they tend to wear out faster and may produce more brake dust.
  • Semi-metallic: These brake pads consist of a blend of metal fibers, such as steel or copper, mixed with friction-enhancing materials and a binding resin. Semi-metallic pads offer excellent braking performance, durability, and heat dissipation. They are commonly used in high-performance and heavy-duty applications.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic brake pads are made from a dense composite material that includes ceramic fibers, bonding agents, and fillers. Superior stopping power, reduced noise, and low dust generation are some of their strong sides. Ceramic pads are popular among luxury and performance vehicles due to their high performance and longevity.

Wear Indicators

A lot of brake pad manufacturers include a wear indicator (usually a metal component) that produces a loud noise when the brake pads are worn out.

Backing Plate

The friction material is attached to a backing plate, which provides structural support and helps dissipate heat. They are typically made from steel or other metals known for their strength and durability.


To bond the friction material to the backing plate, a high-strength adhesive is used. This adhesive ensures a secure attachment and withstands the intense heat and forces generated during braking.

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