Top Signs Your Car Needs Alternator Repairs

The alternator in your car is responsible for recharging your car battery and powering all your vehicle’s electrical accessories. Often, we think of the battery as being the holy grail for all your car’s electricity. While your battery is necessary to start your engine, it wouldn’t be able to stay reliable without the alternator. Thanks to the alternator, you have windshield wipers that work and can adjust your seats and windows in seconds. 
If you ever suspect that your alternator has gone bad, look for these tell-tale signs of imminent failure:

Sign #1: Malfunctioning Accessories

When your alternator is on its way out, you may notice failure in your car accessories. Dimming or blinking car lights or dashboard lights are common signs people experience. You may also catch problems or notice slow performance from your power seat adjustments and power windows.

Sign #2: Warning Light Illuminated on Dashboard

The dashboard is the ultimate information center for understanding if there’s anything wrong with your vehicle. You might notice a battery-shaped symbol or the letters ALT or GEN when the alternator is faulty. When you notice this warning sign, please have a mechanic look at your entire starting and charging system to confirm that it is actually the alternator.

Sign #3: Dead Battery 

When the alternator stops working, the battery won’t get charged. Eventually, the battery will use up all its stored energy and die. This is why it can be quite common to misdiagnose a bad alternator for a dying battery. 

Sign #4: Noisy Under the Hood

If you hear a growling or whining noise coming from under the hood, it may be the belt attached to the alternator. On the other hand, it may be the pieces and wires in the alternator malfunctioning themselves. Regardless, you should have a professional mechanic check it out.

The last thing we want is for you to be stranded with a failing alternator. If you experience any of them the signs above, please bring your car, SUV, or truck to Future Auto Service today. Our team promises to improve your vehicle’s longevity and dependability with our services.