Top 5 Worst Distractions While Driving

Distracted driving is the top cause of horrific and deadly vehicle accidents in the US. From talking to passengers to sipping on coffee to checking social media, these are all very risky activities to do when driving. To be a safe driver, you should stimulate your knowledge of distracted driving and take specific steps to improve your safety on the roads of Burbank, CA.

Food & Drinks

51% of drivers admitted that the quality of their driving had been compromised at least once by eating or drinking. While it may seem natural and okay to eat/drink when we're in a rush, it's a lot more dangerous than you think. Most people have a hard time eating without looking or holding their food with both hands. It's never worth the risk, so it's better to pull over or wait until you arrive at your destination to eat.

Cell Phone

Your phone is the most notable distraction out there. Calling and texting while driving is a leading cause of car accidents and fatalities. As most states have realized the widespread issue, there are laws and regulations put in place today to discourage you from doing this. Some states even have a "Hands-Free" rule, where you can't even have it in hand. We recommend switching your phone to "Do Not Disturb" mode and leaving your phone out of your sight whenever you hop in the car to drive.


A driver flicking through songs or switching between radio stations while on the road can be hazardous. It is pleasant to jam out in the car, but you may want to think twice before doing so. At the very least, you shouldn't mess with your musical device and sound buttons while on the road. 


Smoking involves lighting up or putting ashes in a tray, which requires you to take one hand off the steering wheel. Though you shouldn't be smoking in a confined area in the first place, you especially shouldn't let it distract you from the road.

Car Problems

If your automobile suddenly makes a disturbing noise or looks like it's about to break down, then it can be distracting and stressful. It's natural to throw your driving off. To be safe, you should always pull over on the road shoulder to inspect your car (and call roadside assistance). 


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