Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Oil Level Sensor

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Oil Level Sensor

Maintaining your car is similar to keeping your body healthy, you have to understand
what it needs and don’t ignore warning signs. When it comes to engine oil, it acts like
blood, circulating through the engine making sure all its moving parts run smoothly for
hundreds of thousands of miles. Any type of combustion motor, whether it is a 4 cylinder
or V8, requires a certain amount of oil to keep metal parts properly lubricated. With old,
excess or low amounts of oil, serious damage can occur to the engine. To avoid that
issue, every car is equipped with an oil level sensor, notifying the driver when oil levels
are unusual.

Where Is My Oil Level Sensor Located?
Your car’s oil level sensor is located inside the engine’s oil pan, where it is placed to
measure the amount of oil prior to starting the engine. Depending on the car, many oil
level sensors are accessible towards the lowest point of the oil pan from beneath the
car. Due to their location and purpose, these sensors get exposed to harsh conditions
and heat which can cause them to fail after just a couple years.

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How Do I Know My Oil Level Sensor Is Bad?
Your car’s oil level sensor is communicating data to the ECU (Engine Control Unit)
every time you start it up. Whenever it wears out or fails, an error message is sent to the
ECU triggering a warning light on your dash. But while that’s not always the case
sometimes, there are other ways you can tell if your oil level sensor is bad:

  •  Inaccurate Oil Reading
  •  Appearing & Disappearing Oil Light
  •  Check engine Light Coming On
  • Car Doesn’t Start

Inaccurate Oil Reading
Imagine turning on your car and the Oil Light appears on your dash. Your engine might
be low on oil. However, after checking the level yourself with the dipstick, you notice
enough oil is inside the pan. Situations like that can indicate a faulty oil level sensor.
The wrong message is being sent to the ECU triggering the warning light, even when oil
levels are usual.
Appearing & Disappearing Oil Light
A frequently appearing Oil Light on your dash can also indicate problems with the oil
level sensor. Usually, the sensor is supposed to trigger a warning message as soon as
the car starts up while most of the oil is still in the pan. If the light comes on after driving
your car for some time, something might be off. In this situation consider visiting a
mechanic right away and don’t ignore the symptom. Chances are that other parts of
your engine’s oil management system, such as oil pressure or lines, might not be
working properly. In order to avoid complete engine failure and permanent damage to
your car when experiencing a frequently appearing Oil Light, give us a call right away
and our experienced mechanics at Future Auto Service will assist you. (Insert Link)
Check Engine Light
In the same way your Oil Light appears on your dash when something is wrong, it’s
possible that your Check engine light is being triggered as well. If the oil level sensor
stopped working entirely, for example, chances are your Check Engine Light will show
as a default message to let you know some problem code occurred inside the ECU. At
this point, it’s useful to visit your local mechanic for help. If you are in the Glendale or
Burbank area, think no further than Future Auto Service! (Insert Link)
Your Car Won’t Start
While the Oil Level Sensor’s sole purpose is sending warning messages to your ECU,
having a car that won’t start could be caused by faulty Oil Level Sensor signals. As a
result, the ECU won’t allow the engine to start.

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Future Auto Service Is Here To Help!
As a car owner, it’s crucial to stay on top of your maintenance schedule. Part of that
includes checking your oil levels frequently and noticing important symptoms. Replacing
a faulty oil level sensor is a fairly inexpensive job that any local mechanic is capable of
doing. Future Auto Service in Burbank is ready to change your Oil Level Sensor during
your next oil change! Our ASE-certified mechanics use the latest tools and technology
to provide you with a five-star car service experience. Schedule your next appointment