Headlight Adjustment - Something that Many People Ignore!

A vehicle's lights are one of the most disregarded items for a roadworthy car. Even though they have been victims of headlight glare, most car owners do not know that there is a proper way of aligning the headlights. For your safety, and the other motorists on the road, it's crucial not to align your headlights correctly, but also ensure that all your lights are working, especially if you're a frequent night driver. The following tips are important when it comes to your car's lighting.

How to Know If Your Car Lights are Working

It's important to ensure that all your lights, such as indicators, reversing, side and tail, stop, and fog lights, are working. It's easy to tell if a light is not working by simply putting on the lights. You can also test your lights using a test bulb kit. However, the easiest way is by turning on your engine and leaving the car running, then going around the car, ensuring all the lights are operational, replacing those that are not.

How Do I Know If My Headlights Need Adjusting?

Although it's advisable to always check your lights regularly, the best way to know if your headlights need realignment is by using the reaction of your fellow motorists on the road. Therefore, if other drivers are constantly flashing their lights at you and honking while giving you bad stares, it might be your headlights that need adjusting. Additionally, if your lights do not hit the road ahead of you by being too low or too high, they need adjusting.

How to Adjust My Headlights

Once you have outlined that your headlights need adjusting, there are two options that you could use to get them right. First, you could take your car to the mechanic and ask them to adjust them. Second, you can do it yourself with the home method.

In the home method, you will need a measuring tape, 10m of space, a dark wall, and an ahead screwdriver. Then, using the car owner's manual, measure the required distance and readjust your headlight alignment according to the instructions.

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