Fluid Dynamics: Ensuring Your Car’s Fluids Are Summer-Ready

Mastering Fluid Maintenance for Optimal Summer Performance

Burbank, CA, is an ideal destination for summer adventures such as road trips, beach excursions, and family vacations. However, high temperatures could harm your vehicle's well-being, emphasizing the importance of proper fluid maintenance to avoid breakdowns and ensure optimal performance. At Future Auto Service, we take pride in meeting your car care needs all year round! Discover how maintaining crucial fluids can help keep you comfortable while driving during this season by diving into some handy tips below.

The Importance of Engine Oil

Your car's survival depends on engine oil. It eases the movement of its parts, minimizes friction, and aids in regulating temperature. When summer strikes with high temperatures, deterioration happens to your engine oil at a faster rate, which makes it less efficient than before.


For guaranteed engine protection, switching to top-notch synthetic oil is recommended. This type of oil exhibits more stability at high temperatures and offers superior safeguarding against heat-induced damage. Keep tabs on your oil quantity regularly and plan an oil change if necessary.To keep the temperature under control, changing old oils with fresh ones will enhance lubrication while aiding in cooling for optimal performance during sweltering Burbank days.

Coolant: The Guardian Against Overheating

Antifreeze, also called coolant, is an essential component in maintaining the optimal temperature of your vehicle. Its circulation through the engine absorbs any extra heat and thus prevents overheating. The summer months experience a peak surge in demand for your car's cooling system.


Check your coolant levels and add more before embarking on your summer escapades. It's essential to examine the coolant mixture, too. At the same time, a 50/50 combination of antifreeze and water is usually preferred in excessively hot environments; increasing the concentration of antifreeze slightly can provide superior safeguards. Gauge that no leaks are present within the cooling system while verifying that both hoses and radiators remain undamaged. Optimally function by habitually scheduling routine coolant flushes, eliminating debris buildup from operating efficiently throughout its lifecycle.

Transmission Fluid: Smooth Shifting in the Heat

The function of transmission fluid is to lubricate the moving parts in your vehicle's transmission and ensure seamless gear changes. In hot summer weather, the liquid can deteriorate, possibly impacting shift quality and heightened wear on internal transmission elements.


Regularly inspecting the level and quality of your transmission fluid is crucial for maintaining optimal functionality. If you observe a murky color or detect an odor that suggests burning, it is essential to replace this vital component. Employing top-tier transmission fluids engineered to withstand high temperatures can deliver added safeguards against damage. Through effective maintenance practices, your vehicle's system will have no problem coping with intense summer heat waves, allowing for seamless and pleasurable driving experiences all season long!

Power Steering Fluid: Effortless Steering

Having power steering fluid in your vehicle is crucial to facilitate easy and responsive handling of the wheels. Harsh temperatures can reduce their effectiveness, causing your car's steering wheel to become stiff - making it arduous for you to navigate through roads with ease.


Verify that the power steering fluid level is accurate, and substitute it if it’s outdated or polluted. Using unspoiled power steering fluid guarantees that your vehicle remains effortless to maneuver, offering a more secure and cozier driving adventure - notably during extended summertime journeys.

Brake Fluid: Stopping Power Under Pressure

The proper functioning of your car's braking system heavily depends on the presence of brake fluid. It facilitates force transfer from the brake pedal to the calipers, ensuring efficient stopping of your vehicle. If exposed to high temperatures, moisture absorption may occur in this crucial component, causing a reduction in its boiling point and ultimately leading to undesirable effects such as brake fade.


Ensuring peak braking performance involves checking and replacing the brake fluid as needed. Superior results can be obtained in demanding situations with premium-quality brake fluid featuring an elevated boiling point. Constantly monitoring and changing your brakes' fluids are critical for keeping them dependable and responsive when faced with hot summer conditions.

Windshield Washer Fluid: Clear Vision on the Road

Even though it doesn't correspond directly to an engine’s function, windshield washer fluid is crucial for upholding uncompromised visibility. During summertime, distinct obstructions like bug residues, dust particles, and other debris can hinder your clear view.


Ensure optimum visibility by checking and replenishing your windshield washer fluid levels with a specialized summer formula that eliminates stubborn dirt. Additionally, assess the condition of your wiper blades to guarantee efficient cleaning performance on your windscreen. Particularly during extended road trips in summertime, unobstructed visual clarity is vital for safe driving practice.

Air Conditioning Refrigerant: Keeping You Cool

When driving in Burbank's scorching summers, a properly functioning air conditioning system becomes essential for comfortable commutes. The A/C mechanism of your vehicle utilizes refrigerant to draw heat from the cabin and release it outside, facilitating an optimal cooling environment within your car interior.


If your air conditioner fails to provide cool airflow, it is reasonable to assume that the cause may be due to insufficient refrigerant levels or leakage. You must seek an inspection and recharge of your A/C system if deemed essential. An adequately maintained cooling unit provides comfort and helps avoid exhaustion from increased heat exposure while promoting better driving safety measures overall.

Fuel System: Efficiency and Performance

To ensure optimal performance, especially during hot weather conditions, it is essential to maintain your car's fuel system in top-notch condition. The heat can accelerate the evaporation of fuel and cause potential issues with the entire system.


Ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle during warmer seasons by routinely inspecting and replacing a clogged or dirty fuel filter. Employing a fuel system cleaner can also effectively enhance fuel efficiency by removing any buildup. It is crucial to prioritize keeping your car's entire combustion process in optimal condition for maximum output all year round.

Battery Maintenance: Powering Through the Heat

Although frequently disregarded, the high temperatures can impact your car's battery. The heat quickens the chemical reactions in the battery and may result in a reduced life span.


To ensure trouble-free summer travels, it is important to inspect your battery carefully for any indication of corrosion or harm and clean the terminals if needed. Verify that the battery is firmly fixed and all connections are tightened properly. If you possess a several-year-old battery, check its charge to confirm it's reliable enough before hitting those long road trips. A well-cared-for power source offers consistent ignition while preventing sudden breakdowns along your journey during this season of warmth!

Prepping for a Safe and Fun Summer

To ensure optimum and reliable car performance during the summer season, it's crucial to maintain fluids properly. Watch over engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, windshield washer liquid A/C refrigerant fuel system, and battery, thereby preempting common heat-induced problems that can affect the driving experience negatively.


Future Auto Service is your go-to destination for all car maintenance needs. Keep your vehicle in top-notch condition with routine check-ups and fluid changes, ensuring you can enjoy the summer's excitement and thrills without worry. So, before embarking on any road trips this July, ensure that your car's fluids are adequately prepared to handle the season, so you have a hassle-free ride ahead of you!


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