Car Maintenance With Your 2022 Tax Refund!

It’s the time of the year again where most of us get a good amount of money added to their bank account balance with their yearly tax refund. Depending on income and tax bracket, the average taxpayer received up to $2,800 this February which means we all have a little bit of extra cash on hand. But what should you spend it on? With a need for personal transportation and rising gas prices in California, it’s important to have your car running smoothly to improve efficiency and keep it from breaking down. Here are four ways to spend your tax refund wisely on maintenance for your car!


If you don’t remember the last time you changed your tires, it's time! Throughout your car’s life and daily usage, wear and tear due to road conditions, temperature changes or driving behavior will eventually decrease the tire tread. Investing into some new tires that match your driving needs is therefore a great way to spend some of your tax refund! Fresh rubber does a great deal for your safety on the road but it can also improve fuel economy and road noise. Learn more about tire replacement here 


Changing the Oil Filter every 5,000 miles is one thing, but how are you doing with your Cabin Air Filter, Fuel Filter, or Engine Air Filter? While these don’t need to be changed as much as your Oil Filter, it needs to get done at some point. If you don’t know the last time you changed any of them and have the extra cash in your pocket, Future Auto Service recommends switching them out next time you have your car at the shop for maintenance. Filters for your car are fairly inexpensive and help your engine run at its highest level of efficiency. Give us a call at 818-239-7201 to have one of our service advisors help assist you finding the right air filters for your car!


The same way filters are often forgotten when maintaining your car, you should keep your transmission and differential fluids in mind. Our specialists recommend that any automatic transmission needs new fluid at some point, opposed to the life-time transmission fluids many car manufacturers promote. The differential fluid should be changed every 30k to 60k miles and is not an easy job to do. Have our ASE-certified specialists at Future Auto Service take care of it for you at a great rate, set up your appointment here

Suspension Refresh

Running on original suspension? It might be time for a refresh! Your car’s suspension is made out of many components that wear out after putting them to use or thousands of miles. While your shocks and springs might be your primary focus here, Future Auto Service recommends also checking your car’s bushings and ball joints because they are often overlooked. After 100k miles, suspension ball joints and bushings might be at the end of their life span and require a replacement. Using your tax return for a suspension refresh is entirely affordable and a great investment for years to come!

Invest Into Your Transportation The Right Way

With your 2022 Tax return, you can cover some of the basic, most important maintenance components for your car. Tires, fluids, filters, and suspension work is fairly affordable and can go a long way to keep your car running smooth and safe on the road. But be aware, if you decide to invest the 2022 tax return into your means of transportation, make sure you are getting it done by a proper mechanic shop with experience and integrity. Future Auto Service has been serving the Burbank and greater Los Angeles area for years and has satisfied hundreds of customers this year already. Doesn't matter what make or model you have, our ASE-certified mechanics use the latest equipment to provide the highest quality service you can imagine for your car. And even better, we do it at an affordable rate. Give us a call today to set up an appointment!