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4 Signs You Need New Brake Rotors

Rotors are an important part of the brake system. When the brake pads are pressed against them, the result is friction, which causes deceleration. This makes them very important to maintain and repair when needed. Here are four easy ways you can determine when your brake rotors have problems:

1. Vibration While Braking

A clear giveaway of brake rotor issues is a vibration while braking. This indicates that the rotors are bent or worn out, which can result in accidents on the road or difficulties controlling the vehicle. Make sure to visit a repair shop the moment you notice anything similar.

2. Crooked Steering Wheel

Another obvious sign of brake rotor issues is a crooked steering wheel. While it can be associated with bad wheel alignment, the cause can also be the rotors. When they are extremely bent or warped, they can start to change the tire's position, resulting in a crooked steering wheel.

3. Car Pulls To One Side While Braking

Is your car pulling to one side while braking? If so, the cause is most likely related to the brake rotors. When they bend or warp, braking results in a slight pull or even a complete shift in the direction you are driving. If you spot this, make sure to visit our repair shop, and while you are at it, consider checking your wheel's alignment.

4. Rapid Brake Pad Wear

If your brake pads are wearing out faster than usual, the problem may actually be the rotors. When both of them make improper contact, they start to wear fast and unevenly. This can cause quite a lot of problems, from suspension issues to difficulties controlling the vehicle, so make sure to visit a mechanic as soon as you notice this symptom.

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